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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  February 23, 2013 3:00am-7:00am PST

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there you are, so nice to see you on "fox & friends." i'm anna kooiman. i'm i'm in for alisyn camerota. white house in full campaign mode. was it the white house's plan in the first place? we take a closer look. >> and then drug tests for driver's licenses. the new plan that could make it a lot harder for your kid to get behind the wheel. is it a good idea or is it too much government? we'll report. you can decide. >> and you know those calorie counts now the government forcing on restaurants, especially chain restaurants like you see here in the city? apparently they are all wrong. the calorie detective uncovers the truth behind some of those popular foods. "fox & friends" right now. hello, tucker. >> roll it.
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♪ ♪ >> it's that time of year again. one of our favorite times of the year. forget the groundhog. when bass pro shops rolls into town here on the show and rolling out spring fishing classic you know spring is in the air. >> yeehaw. >> unbelievable. i sincerely believe that one of its biggest customers and fans, i can say bass pro shops pops up on spring it is spring. >> mark the season. we will be showing you all of the great sales have going on right now. i'm excited to be getting back out there now that the lake is starting to freeze. >> rather than ice fishing? >> i don't know how they do it. >> sit out there with a beer. >> right for a couple hours. >> and solve the world's problems. >> good morning, guys, nice to he see you guys. >> good morning.
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let's talk about this. of course, washington. while no one is in washington right now. they all left on their vacations and the sequester deal is trickling along it looks like it will hit by the end of the week if nothing is done. the president though out talking about this and wanting to -- it seems like now the white house trying to frame this hay we didn't come up with this idea. this is a tragedy. this is a barreling tray. we are heading for a wall but we didn't come up with the site. >> that's not true. bob woodward hardly a republican activist wrote a book called the price of politics in which he discovers that this was the president's idea. he wrote an op ed yesterday. the automatic spending cuts initiated by the white house. jack lew was the originator of this obama originally approved the plan for the sequester. no debate about where this came from. >> who talked about this? jack lew on february the 13th.
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'. >> what accredits you with originating the plan for sequestration? was he right or wrong. >> senator, it's a little more complicated than that even in his account it was a little more complicated than that we were in negotiation where failure would have meant the default of the government of the united states. >> i hate to speed it up, did you make the suggestion? >> well, what i did was said that with all other options closed, we needed to look for an option where we could agree on how to resolve our differences and we went back to the 1984 plan is that senator graham and rudman found and said that would be a basis for having a consequence that would be so unacceptable it everyone that wield be able to get action. >> all that sort of government talk and blah blah blah bang and forth. bottom line is yes, it was their plan. later in the day back when this all unfolded, the white house tried to pawn it off on congress and later in the day jay carney had to come back out on the podium after
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woodward had done this reporting. yeah it was an idea that we put forth. nerls, it doesn't really matter, now the white house is trying to score political points and scare tactic. it seems if you listen to rudy giuliani on the sequester. listen. >> the president created this doomsday scenario. in order to, you know, frighten people into avoiding the kind of cuts that we have to make in order to balance our budget. i mean, the person who is doing damage to america is president obama. by spending a trillion dollars more for the last four or five years than we have. and who is going to pay that? your children, my children. >> so really the president is playing the blame game with republicans. he just simply trying to ridicule and say you guys are the ones trying to block. this my balanced package that would close tax loop holes for the big spenders and big corporations and republicans are saying absolutely not. we need to come to an agreement on this. you have got to come to the
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table too. >> this is why this matters. this was an issue during the presidential campaign. the president looked into the camera i have the quote right here. quote, the success ter is not something that i proposed. it's something that congress has proposed. that turns out to be a lie. flat out. that was untrue. voters probably should have known that second, the idea that if you cut 2% of the federal budget that we close down airports, that we close day care centers. that we fire cops is ludicrous. if someone said cut 2% of your household budget, would you deny your kids antibiotics. of course not. you would stop buying starbucks. you wouldn't get rid of the most vital functions at first. >> they all have a buy-in on this. congress and white house all agreed to go forward with this entire proposal. to your point, tucker. the problem with this plan is that it is so bad that they all knew it was so bad. it was an across the board cut. no discretion given for certain programs.
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certain projects. qui pick and choose how this money will be floated around. charles krauthammer thinks this whole hype on awful these cuts is redick lus. listen. >> so much error, so little time. catastrophic? we ever -- are talking about a minuscule amount of money. one half of the%. catastrophic effects on the country? that's ridiculous. there is a solution to that issue which can be done in an hour next week not in a day. in an hour. where you give the administration discretion on how to move the money around. if you do that you don't have two cut a single agent of tsa. a single air traffic controller. >> this phony panic that thidenl among americans. really it seems americans don't want any more spending. 83% of people they think that the government currently has a spending problem. 83%. >> yeah. that's the bottom line.
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>> this is designed, of course, it was designed from the very beginning to convey the impression that any cut at all to federal services means you have onto wait for three hours in line at the airport. every federal employee is absolutely vital to the function of the country which of course lewd ludicrous. is there anybody who says we can't cut 2% of the federal budget without paralyzing the country? it's add second degree. absurd. >> if you look at these airports, i went through the list it is small airports that would be affected by. this it would be 150 -- they have to have 150 or fewer flights a year. it's not o'hare which i think in an hour probably launches 150 flights out of chicago. it's small airports across the country. fewer than 150 flight a year they might have to wait a little bit longer. >> since all flights is connected in this country. back up in one airport it can
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cascade down. it's impossible to cut anything. that is the white house position. and i think they may win the argument because americans are going to be very frustrated with some of these cuts. >> frustration americans have in general with washington, that's if i can cut my budget. something that i have to do. if my husband happens to lose a few hours at work, or for some reason we can't make friends meet. what do you do? quit buying the starbucks or your kids don't get the fancy shoes that season. you are going to put food on the table and washington needs to giddy up. >> email us at friends at you can find us on twitter. ff weekend. go in and weigh in on that poll. >> 6 o 08 on a saturday morning there is a massive leak this morning at the nation's most contaminated nuclear sites. particulars tanks that hold radioactive and toxic waste are leaking at washington's
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hampered nuclear reservation. there is no immediate health risk. one lawmaker is calling into the maintenance program. despite his plans to withdraw troops in the middle east. president obama deploying more troops to africa. 100 are headed to niger. the drone will be used to gather intelligence that will then be shared with french militants mallee. oscar pistorius free on bail this morning. it may be a long time before he actually stands trial for murder. because of a back loving cases, it could be up to a year before pistorius' trial starts. is he due back in court for a hearing on june the 4th. >> we are relieved got bail today. we are in mourning for the death of family.
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>> we're hearing pistorius could resume training as early as monday. department of justice joining in on a lawsuit against lance armstrong. the suit initially filed by team made floyd landis says armstrong defrauded u.s. postal service who was a team sponsor. despite despite illegal doping. the postal service greatly benefited as the team's sponsor. in the suit for reportedly as much as $100 million. those are your headlines. >> thank you, anna. we'll be right back on the other side of this break. first, baby boomers retiring. guess what, you can benefit from it up next, the best places to invest your money. >> then, caught up in raging floodwaters. this woman forced to hold on to her very life. the story behind these remarkable pictures coming up.
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>> number of retiring baby boomers sore. places to cash. in where are the best places to invest your money. jerry lynch this morning. nice to he sue. >> good morning, clayton. what's going on with baby boomers. we know they are retiring but why is a good time for investing. >> one out of every four people in the united states retiree. the amount of trends that they have is going to have a tremendous impact on what's going to make money and what's not going to make money. if you are on the right side of that curve, you are going to do well. we have four phases of retirement. four phases that baby boomers are going to go through and may be great investment times for us. pre-retirement. >> preretiree are people looking to retire in the next five to ten years. phases where they are trying to make sure all their ducks
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are in a row. their kids may have moved out of the home and may be thinking about down sizing which leads to opportunities for builders to build nice properties. one of my clients had mentioned to me that he is not looking to -- is he looking to down size but not looking to go to a lower quality. newer appliances. everything that they are going to have is going to be top of the line. >> maybe some rental properties too that you could do. spruce up and find low cost property. clean it up. put some new appliances in there rent it a retired couple. >> again, there is a tremendous opportunity because they are coming from bigger houses that had a few kids in them, too. something where they want low maintenance and things to be very simple. if you can provide them that type of service you are going to do very well. >> prerye retirement now and on your list is early retirement. what's that? >> early retirement is the beginning phasing of retirement. you just left your full-time position. a lot of these individuals are not really ready to go what i would say cold turkey off work. they're working part time and
3:18 am
something that they really like to do. in the best health of their life. they have money and want to basically go out and have a lot of fun. they may go out and buy a luxury car. they may buy a harley davidson they always wanted. going on a vacation in a regular basis. still active and enjoying themselves and having fun. >> which goes to full retirement the next phase number 3. >> full retirement gone through all toys. gone on vacations. you are at the point where you are older and starting to slow down a little bit. still having fun. still doing physical exercise. playing your golf games and tennis. not doing it at the extent you were before. you are going to need more help around the house. you are going to need somebody to cut the grass. plow the driveway. things you may have done previously you are nowousing them for. opportunity investment is that a lot of services at a local level that could provide things no longer going to do are going to do tremendously well. >> these are the things that can't be outsourced. >> final retirement is the last one.
3:19 am
>> final retirement is when you are getting to a point where you are getting up there you need more help getting around. your medical bills are getting a lot higher. the amount of prescriptions you are use guilty on a regular basis are a lot higher. more services. home care agencies, nursing facilities and medical care will be tremendous during this period of time. people usually have one car. if it's a husband and wife they are sharing one car. not buying two cars anymore. really at a point where they are very conservative. want to make sure they can pay for the cost of care. >> great tips. if our viewers missed any of these tips have jerry link. >> thank you, clayton, want a driver's license, you have got to take a drug test before. proposal for teens in one state. is this a great deterrent or invasion of privacy? we will have that debate coming up. and, hopping from piece to piece. a dog trapped on the ice in lake michigan. the amazing rescue coming up.
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>> dra mat mick tithe site in greece. woman caught up in floodwaters. good samaritans are able to pull her to safety. worse storm to hit greece in half a century. one person killed so far in those -- small number of computers breached. no evidence that any customer
3:24 am
information has been taken. it's believed that the same group that got apple and facebook could be behind this attack. anna. >> all right, tucker. thanks. new proposal with west virginia sparking controversy this morning. lawmakers want to mandate drug testing for potential drivers requiring them to pass three separate exams before they receive their learner's permit. earned immediate and full licenses. does this measure take the state quest for safety too far? let's ask our guest now. tamara holder is a fox news contributor and kecia heaven is is a defense attorney and former prosecutor. they join us now for a fair and balanced debate. good morning to you, ladies. >> good morning. i'm going to start with you, you say this is making these teenagers seem as if they are doing drugs and guilty before proven innocent. instead of vice versa. >> correct. this is basically the state saying that we presume that you are doing drugs and so we would like to see that you are not before we give you a driver's license. and the slide is interesting because they define it as the
3:25 am
use of controlled substances. if you go and look at the definition of controlled substances in the law. its any class 1 through 56789 that can be any add drug. that can be any drug for anxiety. there are a lot of scheduled substances that are prescribed legally. and so now the kid has to show a prescription? this is just a very slippery slope. and i think an invasion of privacy. >> thank you. kecia, go to you next. you are echoing what this west virginia lawmaker is saying so the goal was. this they really want to get the driver's license and their incentive would be to not use anything and maybe not bow down to pier pressure to succumb to the drug. that's what the west virginia lawmaker is saying. you are saying the exact same thing. this sin sennive to behave. >> i'm a strong proponent for bills as this one. what we have to realize is that there is a war on drugs. unfortunately, there is a huge problem with our teenagers that are using drugs. and, again, we have to remember that a driver's license is a privilege.
3:26 am
it's not constitutional right. so, in order to enjoy that privilege, the teenager should be tested. and it's a great deterrent in my opinion to keep teenagers or anyone from using illegal drugs. >> currently there are also proposals that are put on the table to try to get people who are seeking welfare, to have drug testing and same with coal miners in west virginia. where does it end? is it going to be for everybody? >> that's the problem. especially licensing, people shouldn't understand it's just driver's licensing. this is marriage licenses. this is a license to be a beautician. all of these licensing issues does the government have now the opportunity to test you for whatever they want in order to for you to get a license? it's a very slippery slope. and there is no way that this is a deterrent because this is just one test. and most drugs don't show up in one test. if you just don't do the drugs for, you know, even a day or so. >> i know you is
3:27 am
unconstitutional search, tamara. >> tyisha, you say that's not the case? >> i disagree. again, the government is not going into your home and saying okay you have to be drug tested for absolutely no reason. they are saying okay you want to enjoy this privilege or want some type of government assistance, you have to full nil requirement and show us you are responsible enough to have these opportunities. >> it is, of course, a privilege and knot a right to drive. tamara, what do you have to say about that? >> well, of course it's a privilege and not a right. i get it's not a constitutional right. certain things that make sense. it's not reasonable to force every single driver to take a drug test just to get the license. if you violate the law, you get caught drinking and driving, you should be punished. this sudden not be -- should not be a precursor to getting a driver's license. makes no sense and time consuming. >> great debate.
3:28 am
got to leave it there thank you. >> 6:26 on a saturday morning here on "fox & friends." president obama campaigned on lowering gas prices. so why are they higher today than they were during the campaign? we explore that next. and a dog stranded on ice in a lake in lake michigan actually. a kayaker coming to the rescue. you have got to see the heart warming rescue coming up.
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>> gasoline california a bucks a gallon. >> oh, come on. >> 5 bucks a gallon. >> station near my house, full service attendant is an anger management counselor. ♪ >> that's just barely an exaggeration. welcome back. gas has gone up dramatically. triple a reports the largest four week was -- gasoline increase in three years. 2008 that $4 a gallon was a crisis? listen. >> the well off in this country, high gas prices are mostly an annoyance but to most americans, they are a
3:33 am
huge problem. bordering on a crisis. >> well, here is the issue. so, i was looking at these stories this week. why is gas price now going up. we usually hear it for summer. summer spikes. one of it is that we have a lack of it right now because the refineries do routine maintenance. do you ever get the emails from the favorite email provider that says hey we are shutting down between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. we are doing routine maintenance. a lot of are shutting down routine maintenance. some had parts problems. also the problem is the supply. when you look at things like the keystone pipeline. we don't have extra cruel coming into the -- crude oil coming into the country. >> a system totally dependent on gas lone. the country would should down immediately about it we have no excess refining capacity. it's impossible to rebuild a refinery because of regulations. take a couple offline and the prices shoot up. it's interesting to look at that sound bite from the
3:34 am
president in 2008. if you remember a couple years ago, too. his top energy aide stephan chu saying $10 a gallon for gas would be a good thing because it would make americans. do you remember this? >> i do. >> it would make americans realize we are too depend tent on foreign oil we need to go green. they are pointing fingers dirty air and water. republicans simply want to make sure that the budget is balanced and that we have, you know, the oil and the gasoline to run our cars. and keep our homes warm. >> but if you listen to former vice president al gore, he says all this talk about the keystone pipeline is is like a drug addict looking for his next fix. listen. >> junkies find veins in their toes when the arms and legs run out. running out. easy to produce oil so we are going to this tar san junk. >> we're all hypocrites on
3:35 am
some level. can you take hypocrisy to a toxic level. that's where al gore is. they this guy took $100 million from the royal family of cutter that money come from oil. flies in a private plane by himself. there is no way to wrack up your carbon footprint faster than that. here is a guy massive consumer of fossil fuels lecturing the rest of us. talk about out-of-touch rich guy. >> purchase through cutter they do such great green journalism coverage. that's how -- >> -- carbon offset so every time you do a story blasting the oil industry it's okay to take money? >> that's exactly what i thought. just like his argument for the house is the carbon offset. his massive house. >> right. >> had the massive carbon footprint. he argued that the reason he could justify it was because of the carbon offset. >> mid evil indulgence. i committed this sin but as long as i give money to the church i'm fine.
3:36 am
>> have a salad on the private jet. >> aplenary indulgence. find us on twitter on ff weekend. >> get to the rest of your saturday morning headline. senator john mccain continuing push for immigration reform. he will meet with president obama tuesday to talk about ways to overhall the system. mccain is one of 8 bipartisan senators working on a new bill. mccain says there are still a number of agreements thatted ned to be made. he is cautiously optimistic a deal can be reached by the end of next month. the fda is giving the green light to a break through drug for patients with advanced stage breast cancer. the drug called kadcilia. researchers say it survives survival rates by six months and has fewer side effects. the manufacturer says it will be available within just days.
3:37 am
and if you hate those red light cameras on your city streets. you are not alone. a florida house committee has passed a bill pushing to ban them. several other local and state governments across the country are considering it as well. critics saying they don't decrease accidents and are just a way of generating revenue. right now, 24 states in washington, d.c. use them. now you have got to come to your t v a dog rescued from the ice could kayaker. going from piece to piece. going on for more than an hour. the coast guard tried nudging him back to shore. after falling in the icy water several times. the dog finally tried to swim for it eventually a local kayaker paddled out to help. >> i just kept encouraging him here boy, here boy. i got really close to him and he wanted to bite me. i kind of just stayed on him. by that point i could get into the water and i just sort of hustles him a long. dog was in panic mode.
3:38 am
once on land the scared dog took off running. he was caught and taken to a vet to be checked out. >> like they teach new lifeguard training. you are their only hope they will jump on top of you and you have to learn how to fight people off like a ninja. >> no matter what happens it's still a great country governmental out of their way to save them. >> rick reichmuth. start your engine. daytona beach, florida. rick reichmuth is there. up here with head colds and snow you are down there in 80-degree temperatures. thanks, rick. >>en you have no idea how good it was to get down here yesterday. 80 degrees after leaving the third degree weather in new york yesterday. i'm very happy. i'm joined by jack, one of the great things about nascar, clayton and tucker, pay attention to this. they have these sprint cup girls. i'm joined by one.
3:39 am
you are miss sprint cup right now in 2013. what's that like. >> rick, yes. our job is to be the friend on the inside. bring the inside scoop. most people recognize us in victory lane. we are part of the nascar family. we travel every weekend with this crew. it's a lot of fun to bring the inside of the sports and all the sprint deals as well. >> you guys get to know the racers very well. but when people come to the races. they have access to you? >> they do. we have close to 1.3 million followers on social media we want to create that one-on-one bond with the fans. if they want a picture of their favorite driver i'm going to tweet it to them. we are accessible. that's our main goal. >> i saw you have 61,000 followers on twitter. that's not bad. this year at daytona 500. the big story is that danica patrick is riding in pole position. for those who aren't in big nascar fans she is starting off in first place. she won that through competitions. that is a huge story. she came on the scene about four years ago as danca.
3:40 am
who already had a huge career. moving into mass car. tell us what the vibe is around that now. >> she made history. first female to ever win a a pole position. fastest in quawfing. earned that against 42 other guys. making history. what is coal some of the big drivers, their daughters had daddy come down and take a picture with can nic can a. danica. >> are are people who don't typically watch. they say i'm going to watch this race because there is an interesting story line dooj the general racers? how are they feeling with danika being the big story and woman running in the lead position here. >> she earned it. these guys know it some of the drivers tweet out we got beat by a girl. what can you do? go out and got the new generation of race car force nascar. lots of big stories to look forward to for the daytona 500. >> more eyes on the sport it's
3:41 am
good for the sport. you have to know that you mentioned the gen 6 car. every year new car they are coming out with. what's the big thing here. >> 125 pounds lighter than in years past. the names are on the dash. drivers have had fun with that so they can tell who is going to be behind them when they come in for the checkered flag. in practice they have been crashing and get a feel or what's going on. not crashing intentionally. interesting to see them get out and race. kevin harvick pulled into victory lane and got rcr their first wish. it's going to be a big race. >> this is it, guys, nascar the only sport that starts off with super bowl at the beginning of the season. that's why we are here this weekend. thank you very much for joining us this morning. send it back to you, tucker and clayton and -- >> already gotten to his brain. >> i know. >> check back in with you in daytona. >> we envy you, rick. >> last year we talked about
3:42 am
wicken. the story offended a number of people. that was never my intention. basic life rules. live and let live. the wickens have never bothered me or my life. i should have left them alone. sorry about that. >> coming up here on the show. big mother is watching. new app. let's parents track their child's cell phone. is this really a good idea? we will ask dr. keith ablow about that coming up. >> order fast food or any type of food based on the calorie count that you see there on the menu? next guest says you shouldn't because they are all wrong. we'll be back.
3:43 am
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where can i get a dress like that. "dancing with the stars." showed off his moves with erin andrews and kirstie alley. he says he is leaving the show so he can pursue acting. tucker? are you disappointed? i know him, in fact. i'm greatly disappointed. thank you, anna. thinking of how many calories in frappuccino? think again. some are flat out inaccurate. tested the calorie counts from food from several different establishments. the results run believable.
3:47 am
casey. these labeling around the country. each piece constitutes it turns out they are false. >> yeah. the idea is if you know how many calories you are eating you can regulate your diet better. >> right. >> the amazing thing is dispilt the fda and local governments and because of the obama care, all restaurants nationwide with more than 20 outlets are going to be required to tell you how many calories are in there. nobody policing those labels and making sure they're accurate. yogurt muffins. the label says it's 640 calories. but that's not correct? >> that's not correct. that muffin had 740 calories. >> that's substantial.
3:48 am
about half a snicker's bar now. subway sandwich. subway was the hero of our test. >> so to speak? >> only one that came in under what they said they h supposed to have 360 calories had 350. subway when i spoke to the company. they are the only company who tested the same way we tested. subway takes this seriously. >> how expensive is it to test? >> it's expensive it's in-depth and to test the right way it requires a lot of resources. but these requirements are only placed on restaurants with more than 2 ooutlets. understood it's a big enough restaurant. >> yeah. >> starbucks 370. >> 392 the real number. company's justification for that made by hand. there is is going to be variation. i will buy that the same with chipotle. it was supposed to have 1175 which is intimidating but it
3:49 am
actually had 1295. that's a big discrepancy there. >> not as big as the co-if you tofu. only 228 calories in that tofu sandwich. says on it healthy sandwich. supposed to have 228 calories. came in at 548. double. >> big mack has 550. >> no way. that has more call gors than a big mac. >> the same amount. you think you are doing yourself a favor and you are having a big mac. >> so this just kind of points out the lewd crewsness lewd crewsness of this. >> i think so mother of children who are diabetics. this information is crucial to
3:50 am
their children's health. knowing they can't rely on the information provided to them has much bigger consequences. >> there is a lot of scientific research emerging that suggest that not all calories are the same in the way they effect the human body and the way that they cause or do not cause obesity. is there any evidence that these requirements are going to make america thinner? >> no. what i think it does do is a level of empowerment no know what you are big chloric don't. all of these companies can risk penalty if they don't provide this information. no penalty in the inaccuracy of the information. speed signs on the highway but no troopers to pull you over. >> thanks very much. >> great being here. >> coming up a conservative turned liberal through the power of jane fonda. ted turner's son putting the blame directly on the actress for his father's political
3:51 am
activism. look out. big mother is watching you. parents can track their kids' every move through iphone app. does it compromise trust between you and your child? are you kidding? dr. keith ablow joins us next. hi. hi.
3:52 am
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3:54 am
>> welcome back. parents, listen in. if you want to track your teens while they are out and about, there is now an app. for that. >> sure is new iphone apps like teen tracker and momma bear let's parents monitor their kids activity following
3:55 am
act. camera to record audio and video. >> doesn't this tracking compromise the trust between you and your child dr. keith ablow psychologist and member of the fox medical a team. good morning, doc. >> good morning. how are you guys? >> fantastic. thanks for asking does this take it a step further mom and dad going through their child's room and looking through their diary. >> did that happen to you. >> not that i know of. step further is this good, bad, ugly? >> well, look, i think 10 steps further. basically, this is a license for teenagers to not be responsible for their parents have leash on them violate own boundaries, bottom line is listen we have to get back psychologically to a place where people communicate where they have integrity.
3:56 am
look in the eyes of your teenager and know in your heart because you you are connected to that person emotionally whether we are dealing with a responsible individual it this short circuits all of that essentially feeding, turning over to technology your parental responsibilities and your responsibilities as a developing adult. >> is there something, doctor we don't want to know? would you really want to know everything your kid said when you are not with them? >> that's an excellent point. listen, there are things that we require as grouping adolescents. you don't want to share your parents texts which can be eavesdropped on by different apps, emails where you are talking amorously towards a young man that you feel connected to or where you are
3:57 am
saying things about your president. right of passage supposed to complain being thread upon by your parents. if you are a teenager done nothing wrong, decent grades and haven't been arrested. and your parents want to be connected to your cell phone. throw your cell cell phone in the garbage and walk out of the house for the night. >> my 2-year-old son goes to the bathroom says i need privacy. is he two and a half. >> that's a good sign is there is a point which this is okay. your kids are running off the rails and doing bad things and you step in with this app.? >> sure. look, your said is addicted to heroin and just got arrested for malicious threatening. maybe. then you have got to look at what kind of parent have you been anyhow. no tool of technology is going to correct what you screwed up by the time your kid is a heroin addict and arrested for
3:58 am
malicious threatening. >> nature vs. nurture there. so could be used as a punishment and penalty. also, you know, maybe if you are married about your daughter she is in a bad relationship and going to see the guy any way. >> rough and tumble bad boy in town? >> dr. ablow thank you very much. >> all right, my friends. >> we appreciate your comments on it? >> do a bad boy segment. thanks so much. coming up on the show, vice president's joe biden's gun. he is being called sexist. >> toxic wastes leaking from one of the most contaminated nuclear sites. developments coming up.
3:59 am
4:00 am
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4:02 am
on "fox & friends." i'm anna coy man. 7:00 on the dot. i'm in for alisyn camerota. anna kooiman. the white house is in full blame game mode over budget cuts that are set to kick in next week. wasn't the sequester. wasn't it the white house's plan in the first place? >> the vice president says give your wife a shotgun. >> jill, if there ever is a problem walk out on the balcony here. walk out and put that double-barrell shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. >> why one woman thinks that's sexist aadvice. we have details. >> shifting gears in sunny florida. ahead of greatest race. daytona 500. behind the scenes and talk to some of the some of the drivers coming up. he has the sunny weather down there. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now.
4:03 am
♪ >> there is stacy king from the bass pro fishing. he can throw a lure into a bucket at 50 yards. it's lik montana. >> fantastic. like most people i don't fish enough. that's always my new year's resolution fish more. >> bass pro can help do you it here kicking off spring fishing classic. get all your rods and reels ready for the spring. i had my fishing pole that i bought at bass pro shops sitting outside and forgot to put it away for the winter. got it all clogged up. >> something -- nothing kerosene won't fix. >> walk in it's like mecca.
4:04 am
unbelievable. >> rick reichmuth is enjoying some nice spring weather down in florida. it's how long till spring? at least you have got some sunshine. >> you know, it's just that time of year where it gets so tiring. you have to have some sort of a trip to some sunny place. a lot of people plan those things and got lucky to get down here. daytona 500. looking potentially at rain here unfortunately. we will talk about that. i want to tell you about the weather. such an active weather week. storms across parts of the central plains. now that storm pulling in towards areas of the southeast and bringing a lot of rain. sticks inches of rain. this is the futurecast. that storm kind of lingers in the south. but it redevelops offshore throughout the day today and into tonight. the good news is i think it's going to be a weak storm. there had been indication there might be a stronger storm. rain from new york and anywhere to the south.
4:05 am
boston, you might be looking at a couple inches of snow. interior sections maybe more. nothing like we saw the last two weekends. that's good news. day nona area. if you remember last year the race ended up having to be delayed by a day and they ran it on monday night because of the rain. there is is a chance we are going to be seeing significant showers here tenth tomorrow unfortunately could cause more delays to this race high temperatures today. got to point this out for everybody. nobody is in the deep deep freeze. we are getting to end of february. except for that number down in florida. 80 in camp pa. not that far from where we are in florida today. daytona beach about those kind of temperatures. not that bad. anna, i know you were here last year. i'm sorry you couldn't be here this year. i ended up getting the good
4:06 am
deal and good weather along with it. >> one word for you. don't eat breakfast before you do the ride along you might lose it. >> i have done the ride along. i have been here a few times. the ride along after food is not good. i hear you. >> why didn't he tell me that presidency last year. >> thanks, rick. >> all right now to your headlines on this saturday morning. the time is four minutes after the hour. there is a massive leak at the nation's most contaminated nuclear site. six tanks that hold a brew of radioactive and toxic waste are hampered. the government says there have no immediate health risk. right now one lawmaker is calling for an investigation into the site's tank monitoring it and maintenance program. florida's controversial stand your ground law getting a backing from a task force. governor rick scott's office releasing a report saying citizens do have the right to
4:07 am
protect themselves from an attack. it does recommend lawmakers consider changes in regards to neighborhood watch captains. parents of trayvon martin want it harder for someone to claim self-defense after starting a fight. 17-year-old martin shot and killed by watch captain george journalism zimmerman who claims self-defense. teddy turn iter and his dad couldn't be more different. young turner running for a republican seat in congress is explaining why. he blames jane fonda. billionaire started becoming more liberal after getting hitched to fonda and the influence lasted after the marriage ended special honor for the military's. interstate 15 in me amar california. tuskegee airmen highway. broke racial barriers.
4:08 am
>> tuskegee airmen were not good. they were not better. they were the best. they were the best this country can produce. >> a generation after generation because of the work that y'all did best of everybody pulls hard at the same time and we could do things that we could have never done before. >> great they are honored right now. 2007 they were collectively awarded a congressional gold medal. those are your evidence lines. >> thanks so much, anna. let's talk about the sequester. some are calling it the scare quester. is it a drummed up controversy or is it real? six days to find out. that's what it will hit if they don't get a deal in place. see some trickle effects of people being furloughed and laid off for a temporary amount of time. perhaps airports will not have slower flights air traffic
4:09 am
control complete stand still. >> definitely bad effects of the sequester. can i suggest one happy effect? one happy outcome of this? no more private flights. mexico in congress are often flying on military aircraft throughout the world. that will end if the sequester takes effect next week. as far as air traffic goes. i was reading an article talking about a press conference 90 minute delays airports in new york and chicago. and in san francisco i believe but clayton, you mentioned you heard something a little different. >> just that these airports, the smaller airports and they have to have 100 fewer flights per year. this is where these flights would come. tucker pointed out domino effect across the country. not taking place at o'hare and new york.
4:10 am
taking place at smaller airports and cheyenne wyoming. once these cuts take effect, thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off and tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids. air traffic controllers and airport security will see cut backs causing delays across the country. >> they all agreed to. this white house put it forward. congress agreed to it. it was a bad plan because they said it was never going to happen. all in the sent ceiling debate. they created this horrible plan. they all agreed it was terrible. they said it's never going to get to the thing where this will pass. that's why we put this tryingner there in the first place. >> first devised by the white house. the president lied about it during one of the presidential debates on october 22nd. he was asked districtly about the sequester i he said it's not something that i proposed. turns out that was a flat out lied.
4:11 am
-- lie. >> as bob board ward's book proved. this was an idea devised by jack lew at the white house. treasure riff secretary. proved by the president. they have admitted now. something didn't know going into the election unfortunately. insane trigger. cutting 2% of the federal budget and they are shutting down essential services. if somebody said to you cut 2% of federal budget would you stop buying antibiotics for your kids? of course not. you would stop buying frivolous things. stop buying far bucks. >> reason why we are hearing from rand paul political figures. this is just the president pushing a phony fear factor. take a listen. >> i would say balderdash. untrue, unfair, dishonest. he makes stuff up. he puts law enforcement and fire and policemen who 98% of them are being paid for by local taxes and says you are
4:12 am
going to lose your local policemen because of this? it's not true. the sequester is a slow down in the rate of growth of the government. it's the least we can do our country is drowning in a satisfactory debt. borrowing $50,000 a second. we have to slow down spending for the president that use histrionics is beneath the office of the presidency. >> how does it effect you? a lot of you weighing in on twitter this weekend. ff weekend twitter. >> on the wake of the government's efforts to crack down on private gun ownership. many gun owners said how can i protect why missile sand my family the vice president of the united states says get a shotgun. comments back fired. a woman recently asked the vice president a question. listen to this. >> as i told my wife, we live in an area that's wooded and somewhat is he skewed.
4:13 am
jill, if there is ever a problem. just walk out on the balcony here. walk out and put that doubled barreled shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house i promise whoever is coming. in you don't need an ar 15. it's harder to aim. it's harder to use. it's, in fact, you didn't don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. buy a shotgun. >> the advice is probably some of the poorest advice he could give anyone let alone a loved one his wife. for anybody who knows anything about guns. they would know that a doubled barrel shotgun only holds two rounds. once she goes out in plain sight and fires those two rounds, she is a sitting duck. she has no more ammunition. and in a high pressure situation is she going to sit there and fumble with shells to reload it? i highly doubt it. poor advice.
4:14 am
sexist. let me tell you what you need. vs. arm yourself or protect yourself in a way that you feel necessary. >> i think it's good advice. i think government employees have to live by it members of the body guards double-barrell shotguns when they deal threatened fire into the air. >> yeah, maybe that will work. >> good for them good enough for us. >> good enough to scare off a bear. >> not even good enough to scare off a bear. >> we have video this morning of a grizzly bear. charging an individual it does not get scared because the bullet actually hits him. he was trying to fire in the air. we will tell you about that coming up. >> you can imagine the gal to tell the rest of us this is what you need to protect your family but i have a platoon of body guards with ar 15s with extended magazines? >> leave that one there. shocking recommendation from a leading group of doctors saying the morning after pill saying the pill should be available for girls as young as 13. fair and balanced debate. >> what do grades have to do with applying for a gun
4:15 am
permit. breech at one college coming up. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> there you are. 16 minutes after the hour. always nice to see you here on "fox & friends." i'm anna kooiman. the cdc says teen pregnancy dropped 8% in 2011. despite the decrease the american academy of pediatrics is encouraging pediatricians to make the morning after pill available to girls as young as 13 and in some cases even offer them prescriptions. is this too much too soon? joining us now for a fair and balanced debate. investor lena maxwell. and president and ceo for concerned women for america. and penny, i'm going to start with you you say this comes from plan b and people
4:19 am
thinking not birth control in a box it's abortion in a box. >> actually plan b is abortion inducing drug. what's interesting here and sad we tell teenagers all kinds of things. tell them don't smoke and drink. don't drink and drive. we treat sex differently. for a doctor to just give prescription is disarmament. what's going none that kid's life that they're already participating in sex? usually a 13 or 15-year-old isn't having sex. who brought that kid to the appointment. give them a prescription is a derelict in duty. did you know 25% failure rate according to the pharmaceutical company. it's not a good alternative. bad medicine and bad idea. >> what do you think about this?
4:20 am
you think this debate has been wrongly framed and has nothing to do with that. >> it has nothing to do with abortion. if you actually are opposed to abortion then you should be supportive ever additional options for teenagers so that this when they do engage in sex they are not getting pregnant against their desire. control over your body at any age makes new control of your destiny. that's what we are doing here. giving people safe options so they can make safe choices. >> american academy of pediatrics giving us a statement. more likely to use emergency contraception if it's been prescribed in advance of knee. updated policy statement is to update pediatricians and other physicians on emergency contraceptive methods. is this going to make kids feel like they could do whatever they want. >> actually, great britain and sweden has already tried this and found it to be an abysmal failure. >> they found when they liberally gave kids plan b
4:21 am
that actually their borings rates went up. pregnancy rates and stds went up because they now have permission from authority figure to make a bad decision and they have a false sense of security. as i said, it has a 25% failure rate. i apologize we have to leave it there. zero lena and penny, thanks for that debate. >> dozens of unnecessary medical procedures are being done and they are actually hurting your health. dr. mark seagull here next to break it all down. and then the cost ofhip. we know americans love their pets. wait until you hear just how much we spend on them each and every year.
4:22 am
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welcome back to "fox & friends." news by the numbers. 43%. how many people between the ages 18 and 29. approve of president obama's performance according to a new poll. back in 2008. the president won 60% of the youth vote. next, 50. that's how many stores abercrombie is closing this year thanks to weak sales. the company plans to close 180 stores in the united states by 2018. what will all those shirtless male guys be able to do for employment? a $3 billion. how much money americans spent last year. the american pets products association says two thirds of that total went to food and vet care. >> american board of internal medicine says there are 135 medical procedures that
4:26 am
physicians claim are almost always unnecessary and could actually do more harm than good which tests are being overused. dr. mark seagull a member of our fox news medical a team good to see you this morning. >> good to he so you guys. >> what test specifically are people doing here? more is better, right in we want more information and know more about our bodies. armed with information we can make our own judgment. >> that's the number one medical myth that more is better. people think and especially parents coming to an emergency room think if my kid hurt themselves fell and hit their head. that's number one myth we are looking at today. turns out 50% of the kids who come to the er get a ct scan of the brain. you know what? most of the time it's totally unnecessary. american academy of if you black out you need a cat scan. otherwise it's a judgment call and doctors are making the wrong judgment practicing
4:27 am
defensively. get pressure to order the test. missing is ordering too much we have twice as much healthcare costs in this country as most other industrialized countries. >> afraid of getting sued and trial lawyers. if we had meaningful tort reform. >> culture of overuse. miss that i will get sued. you have it in your minds you order too many tests. >> go into specifics here. you mentioned some of the ct scans. here is another one you you talk about. akgs for patients without patients without heart disease. >> don't order routine akg's the american college of cardiology says do order routine ekg's i'm on the sign of ordering them but not overorderring.
4:28 am
i will come the first time. i will do ekg if a teen is going out to play a sport. football, basketball. i want to have a baseline. i don't want to be a medicare mill where i'm ordering one ekg after another. not only is it unnecessary cost we already talked about. leads to unnecessary cardio grams. unnecessary stress tests. you have got to know what to do with the result. how rough going to read that ekg? why are you doing it in what are you targeting? if the patient doesn't have symptoms. you would certainly hope so given the tests. >> mris for arthritis. >> we love mri's state of the art. latest and greatest. every year they improve how we do mris. rheumatoid arthritis is a inflammatory that we know how to track by clinical symptoms. what your giants look like and x-rays look like. we don't know what to do with mri result. it's beautiful but doesn't change what we prescribed.
4:29 am
doctors always have to say how is this going to alter my treatment? what am i going it do with these results? don't just order it because it's the state of the art. >> ask those questions given the costs of all. >> i want patients out there to ask your doctor these questions because they may be thinking differently. can you challenge them. >> dr. mark seagull we will never challenge you. >> you can challenge me any day. does love make you sick? even science proves love in fact does stink. >> it's a sign that spring is right around the corner. bass pro shops is here on the plaza to kick off the world's greatest fishing show. ÷÷ look what mommy is having.
4:30 am
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4:34 am
wedding photo. >> that's as close as you are ever going to get to a wedding photo. >> check in with rick reichmuth down in daytona beach, florida. stunning 82 degrees down there. because they are kicking off the daytona 500. hey, rick. daytona 500 weekend. i'm joined by trevor bayne. let me tell you you look like you are 13. >> i almost shaved this morning. i tried to leave a little bit on there so you wouldn't say that. >> i don't thinkest person ever to win the daytona 500. that's what about. >> standing here in victory lane. brings back a lot of memories. hard to soak it all in. because here comes my childhood heros telling me good job. great feeling but we have got to go try to do it again. >> now a veteran at 22. is there pressure to make it not be like a fluke that you
4:35 am
won that one time? >> i think so. you always want to back things up and you want to be the best at the current time. i don't want to be talking about the win the rest of my life. i want to go forward and try to make it in the sport. running the nationwide race. start on the pole in that race and try to win it today. on sunday we have got to go back up a 500 again. >> for our viewers out there. nascar in general, races, there is a spring cup and nationwide cup. every time two races two different series going on at the same time. today's nationwide. running first position. tell me the difference between this nationwide series and what's happening tomorrow which is the daytona 500. >> less horsepower. the style of draft something different. mustang in nationwide series and ford fusion on this side. shaped different. push with the nationwide series. bumpers are more flat. but now the 2013 cars
4:36 am
everybody is going to stay in line and wait until the end to try to make their passes. you will see a difference in the styles of racing. for sure. >> do you think you will see a difference in the race this year. >> i think so. we had to go to a back up car after the dual races. we got crashed toward the end. the car really fast. unfortunate going to it back up car. just as good. >> best of luck to you tomorrow. trevor bayne 2011 winner and 12 years old -- 22. >> baby face. >> thanks, rick. step back down at daytona in a little while. thanks, rick. >> 7:34 is the time now. headlines with extreme weather. northeast getting ready for a third weekend of heavy snow. winter snow moving in almost blamed for four deaths. the heavy snow causing the roof of this dance studio to collapse. no one was inside at the time. and in cleveland, a commuter jet slid off the icy runway
4:37 am
after landing believe it or not some people not allowed back home. last community to finally return home yesterday. here is some perspective. this is before and after look at the town. one of the worst hit by the storm. wow. home combings is bittersweet. some are able to pick up the pieces. while others find heir homes beyond repair. >> it doesn't look like my town. besides the housing that are missing, the trees are gone. the landmarks are gone. >> good news is lights will be on in a couple houses tonight. bad news is a lot of people don't have homes to have lights in. >> storm caused estimated $737 billion in damage just in new jersey. san bernardino hired new city manager to get out of the rent only problem. filed for personal bankruptcy twice.
4:38 am
allen parker owed 620,000 bucks to creditors in 2011. he also filed in 1991. the details of that are unknown. he served as city manager 30 years and has record of getting cities out of debt. >> university of iowa being criticized for giving police private information about students who apply for gun permits. the school has been giving out students grades and discipline records which is protected by federal law universities need the information to find out if they have been erratic before big the gun. they are now suspending the policy until it can be reviewed. you heard of being love sick and now scientists say it's real that one cassette tape had a message from the guy or didn't. now you have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected
4:39 am
by seven different technologies, it's exhausting. >> new study finds constantly worrying about your marriage or relationship can make you physically sick. researchers say those anxious feelings raise your stress hormones and weaken immune system making it harder to fight off infections. those are your headlines. >> go outside with tucker. >> great bass fisherman in america. representing bass pro shops probably the best retail outlet in america. all kinds of fishing equipment because bass season is fast approaching. >> it certainly is is. i'm glad to be back in new york city with the folks at "fox & friends." and to promote bass pro shops spring fishing classic going on now through march 10th at 58 bass pro locations across we have got so much stuff going on we have got wonderful sales for the latest and
4:40 am
greatest products. prize give aways and free seminars. there is just a lot to do for the family and really a lot to do for kids. >> it's the best. i walk into bass pro shops. tell me what i should buy. >> all kinds of things. pro-weekend coming up next weekend. march 1st through 3rd. pros coming in at different stores across the country. teach people how to catch fish. weekend after next. got the next weekend coming up. weekend tailored solely for kids. we all want to pass the great fishing heritage along. what a better way to do it than have kids come in and teach them how to fish. >> fish with your kids. show us some of the gear. i. >> i have got a bait casting combo. this is normally 110 bucks. less than 70 on sale right now. we have got some bass pro shop line.
4:41 am
three types of line. mono filament. floor row carbon. the new advanced 8 braid. i have used myself. i have used a lot of braid but i think it's the best on the market. i really do. >> look at the fighting bite on that thing. >> there is nothing. you can take a tarpen on that. >> that's what you need to get started on spring fishing season. >> that's a system. it's a kevin vandamme tackle system by plano. it's got to two sizes of box. i'm a stickler about keeping myself organized my lures and tackle. this thing is small, compact. light and easy. helps me keep my stuff in order. >> to be clear for those of us who catch bass on the fly rod you have got it. >> we certainly do. fly departments with everything you can think of. i know tucker is a fly fisherman. we love it, too. >> i like the bait caster. this is fantastic. we will be back. thank you.
4:42 am
>> clayton, anna? >> thank you. >> give your kids a license to learn. this app. and others out there can be fun and educational. i have got your best apps. your educational apps for school-aged kids right after the break. you don't want to miss this. wake the kids up. >> looking forward to that. remember the bell, california mayor fired for paying himself 6 figures when the town was broke. he said he is not at fault he is illiterate. will this legal defense hold up in court? we will debate it coming up. >> i will start using that as my excuse. so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
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>> just because having fun doesn't mean you can't learn something at the same time. >> apps games educational to fool your school aged kids into thinking they are not learning. >> great apps for school age kids. they work across ios and android. this first company brings us two app.s. learn how to spell and make math fun. hard thing to get me excited about map. the first one is spell board. great for grades 1 to 12. allows parents to create any spelling quiz in any language wage. even spanish. record your parent's voice so they will hear the spoken version of the word when they spell it out. hear their mom or dad's voice right there. math board. won all kinds of awards. probably the best app. out there for learning math ever built. teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. encourages kids to actually solve and not just guess the
4:47 am
answers they do a great job making this kind of stuff fun. >> not to be skeptical have you played it? is it fun. >> i will say this. i'm not very good at math. i felt myself getting engaged with learning and playing some of the addition and subtraction stuff. >> like cold fusion perpetual motion. that is a break through of historic proportion. >> it really is is. >> geography for some kids. i remember growing up my parents wonder unfold the map. always such a hassle. right there on tablet do geography drive u.s.a. >> this is fun. like a road trip across the estate. teaches you all the different geography twes questions. win trophies as you clear different regions of the country. midwest, down through the grand canyon and makes learning about the united states a lot of fun it brings us to the next one which is learning the states.
4:48 am
another app. called stack the states. look at the shapes. pick and choose. when you sign in. so anna, you can sign in and pick the state you want, right? you can pick south carolina, north carolina. you learn the shape of it and learn the capitals and begin to sort of stack of states as you go across the country and win awards and makes it a lot of fun. >> eliminate some you don't like. >> get rid of some if you don't like certain states. >> basically improve the layout of the country. >> you can be left with 30 states when you are all done. here is another one. i love. this i love the science stuff. bo bo explores light. 8 to 12. introduces kids to fundamental scientific light related topics like lasers and reflection and refraction. photo sin cyst. and teaches kids about how how e human eye works. in the dark it will show you how light will hit water and shine off in the sky. bye bye owe loom nescience.
4:49 am
let's kid zoom through space and learn about the solar system. zoom in towards the planet. saturn, mars. satellites put there by humans. interact with different space ships. learn about the sun. called solar walk. the 3-d solar system model. people had a pen out. you can find me at clayton morris on twitter. if you missed any of these, i will send them out and tweet out the link to this segment a little bit of a the show today. >> thank you, clayton i feel edified and educated. the president is in full campaign mode not that he ever left it selling sequester as republican blockade. wasn't the white house's plan
4:50 am
in the first place. governor huckabee joins us to weigh in on this question. >> paid himself 6 figures when this town was broke. former bell, california mayor says it's not his fault. is he illiterate. is this really a legal defense? arthur and joanna are going to be debating this next. hi. hi.
4:51 am
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4:53 am
>> 52 minutes after the hour. you sure are looking good. thanks for being here on "fox & friends." i'm anna kooiman. unschooled and illiterate. defense attorney stanley freidman thinks that should be
4:54 am
enough to clear his client. form are bell city mayor. hernandez isn't educated enough to know his inflated salary of almost $100,000 a year was illegal because he didn't attend high school or college. and didn't even finish elementary school. but is being uneducated a legitimate defense? fox news legal analyst arthur aidala and defense attorney jonah silber are both here. you are all five-day five-day fd up for a fair and balanced debate. >> poor guy not educated. >> from what i remember from my criminal justice classes just because you haven't seen the posted speed limit doesn't mean you get out of the. >> ignorance is. >> two of you would get out of the ticket. i wouldn't be all of arthur's kind would be sending in postcards from fiji. this guy is running a city and
4:55 am
going to claim that he was too stupid to know that he wasn't supposed to make $100,000. >> he had more important things to be worried about. >> yeah like raising taxes in order to pay his salary. >> here is what his deference attorney said in his closing argument what i thought was great. oscar hernandez is a man with a big heart who was elengthed by the citizens because of his kindness and desire a government by the people, for the people, all about the people. >> if he is such a nice guy, put him in a santa suit and prop him up at the clothing department at sears. >> closing arguments, many prominent lawyers and accountants were paid by the town to review the salaries of bell and their employees, they never said that the laws or salaries were so if you have a guy who went to law school accounting school and they say the laws are okay. >> too stupid to know better but wasn't too stupid to do the math and raise the taxes
4:56 am
to pay himself. >> bell city council miss aprop yated $5 million. >> it's a rounding error. >> misappropriate. $5.5 million. who is going to miss it? >> arthur is saying at least maybe this isn't the best legal defense. he may actually get a few sympathy point from jurors? >> he might get sympathy points from jurors if they aren't the people he stole from. this isn't a sympathy case he can't say he is too stupid. >> that's what they're going for. the defense attorney saying basically on the paperwork yes he is guilty. he did something horribly wrong but his intent. >> intent was what. >> eminent not to steal from people. even though anna is right. killing norns of the law. >> do you know what he was supposed to make? he was supposed to make $673. >> part-time job and the town was broke. >> we have to leave it there. >> come on o. >> 11 to 20 years behind bars for all of this. >> too much for a kind man
4:57 am
with a big heart. >> throw the book at him. there we go. five minutes before the hour. i'm glad i'm sitting between the two of you. president obama campaigned on lowering gas price. why are they higher today than they were during the campaign? we ask governor mike huckabee at the top of the hour. there he is. plus a girl among boys but she beat them all. wait until you see the teenage wrestling champ who took on the guys and didn't back down? more than two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy. we've shared what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. bp's also committed to america. we support nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs
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5:00 am
>> so nice to to see you here "fox & friends." i'm anna kooiman: the countdown is on just six days are on for massive budget cuts and the president wants you toe know about it?
5:01 am
>> once these cuts take effect. thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids. >> what the president doesn't want you to know is that the sequester was his idea in the first place. governor huckabee, well, he has got some proof and he is hear to here to weigh. >> in the u.s. abandoned him. but can the oscars set him free? how hollywood could be or should be working to free the doctor who helped us track down usama bin laden. >> and is your home life just plain hectic? maybe it's time to run your family like a business or even a group of green berets. we will tell you what we mean about that coming up. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now.
5:02 am
a little banjo to wake you up this morning. it's spring. i don't care what the groundhog said. spring fisher classic right now at bass pro shops. look at one of the beth bass fisherman in the world. is he able to hit a target for 20 yards away like spider man. >> proud to be on a show that's affiliated with bass pro shops. that is the greatest retail outfit america. >> between that and cabella's you have got everything. >> thanks to bass pro. be talking about spring fishing classic. >> 8:00. we are going to get to your evidence lines. blade runner oscar pistorius on bail this morning. long time before he stands trial for murder. south african attorney saying because of a backlog of cases it could be up to a year before pistorius' trial starts. is he due back in court for a hearing on june 4th.
5:03 am
we are in mourning. >> we are hearing pistorius could resume training as early as monday. department of justice joining in on a lawsuit against lance armstrong. the suit initially filed by teammate floyd landis said armstrong defrauded the u.s. postal service. armstrong's attorney says despite the illegal doping the postal service greatly benefited as the team sponsor. the suit reportedly as much as $100 million check this out. green fireball spotted streaking. about 50 people called the american meteor society reporting the fireball. photographer happened to be quick enough snapping a picture of it.
5:04 am
another fireball in northern california last week and meteor exploded over russia earlier this month. and some history weather to tell you about. the northeast about to get pummeled by another winter storm it is already being blamed for four deaths in the midwest. treasure rugs road conditions left many drivers stranded. strongest winter storm in decades in kansas. some areas up to 18 inches. the roof started to collapse under the weight of the snow. fortunately no one has hurt. let's check in with rick reichmuth. >> not facing extreme weather. >> none of that extreme weather. rick is, that going to be a serious problem? here is boston going to get hit with this thing? >> no. it's not we knowed to fix that in the script there. another for that easter. like last weekend staying offshore. three inches in snow in boston by the time this is said and done tomorrow afternoon.
5:05 am
they can handle that maybe inward a little bit head up towards worcester and parts of vermont. they might see six inches of snow or so. not a blockbuster storm. good news we don't need anymore. take a look at weather maps. give you idea what's going on. this morning as you are waking up, things are cool across the central plains. temperatures only into the teens towards kansas city after the snow you have had there. but you see where that dividing line is atlanta you are 43. then go down to tampa and it's 71. that's where the front is kind of stalled out bringing very significant rain. that rain has been very heavy for the last couple of days there had been a lot of droughts. we really need rain there getting too much too quickly and causing some flooding across areas of georgia and parts of southern alabama as well. this is a future radar. this is what that storm looks like. can you see basic it stays too far offshore to be a big problem for anybody inland. rain from d.c. to philadelphia to new york city. maybe a couple of flakes mixing in there.
5:06 am
and at the end of it, enough cold air getting in towards boston. a little bit of snow. again, nothing that's going to cause huge problems for anybody. here at the daytona 500, however, take a look at this. future radar for tomorrow afternoon. that could cause delays for the second year in a row here at the 55th running of the daytona 500. right now, today things are looking good and temps looking really nice. beautiful shot for you guys right here from that's turn 4 that you got right down there at the end. heading right there towards the black and white checkered finish line. send it back to you in new york. >> all right. thank you so much, rick. check back in with you down at daytona a little bit later. now we want to bring in governor mike huckabee on the fox news channel. >> great to be with you. >> you are here on interesting weekend. no one is there in washington. all at home enjoying tea and toast. sequester is only six days
5:07 am
away from hitting. we are hearing all these scare tactics apocalypse and armageddon. if you listen to the president back in the day, back in 20111 getting rid of this automatic trigger. listen's listen to the president. >> already some in congress are trying to undo these automatic spending cuts. my message to them is simple. no. i will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic particular spending cuts domestic and defense spending. there will be no easy off ramps on this one. >> now the president over the past few days basically saying this is going to be a disaster. >> well, you know, i think this is president imminently notella. never mind. now he is being held accountable for the things he himself proposed. he proposed the success stemplet he said it was a great idea. force congress to being a. truth is, it would force him to act in a leadership capacity that only the
5:08 am
executive branch can do. he has failed to do that he has been out playing golf, campaigning, blaming republicans. if it's really that serious, call the congress to washington. get off air force 1. get back to d.c. sit in a small room with a handful the key legislators and negotiate something. that's not what's happened because this is not a real crisis. >> phoniest thing i have ever seen. a government running trillion-dollar deficits year after year. they are proposing to reduce growth by 2% over 10 years. all of a sudden we don't have air traffic controllers? how does that work? >> it works because you want it to happen that way. you are going to create a crisis in order to say look what the republicans did. the republicans need to come forth, put this statements on over and over. they also need to remind people let's roll back. 1990s, bill clinton is president. they ended up cutting back the amount of federal spending of g.d.p. from 22 to 18%.
5:09 am
that's a 4% cut in the rate of g.d.p. we are talking about a .5% of the overall expenditure. what we did 20 years ago was 8 times more significant. >> part of it governor you say too the liberal media in particular is playing along with it? >> we want to share a poll. president obama says the government doesn't have a spending problem do you think it does? 83% of americans think so. at least registered voters and 14% say no, it doesn't. what do you make of these numbers? >> pretty evident that americans know they don't have more money. taxes have hit them hard even if they are middle class. payroll tax went up. gasoline twice what it was. four prices are up because of the cost to feed. everyone is paying more, getting less. cost of health insurance is dramatically up. they say look we are making
5:10 am
cuts why can't the federal government? the federal government isn't cutting reducing the rate at which they are increasing. only in washington is that a consult. if you are going to get additional from what you had last year but now you are only get to get 9,000 additional? theapsz not $1,000 cut it's a $9,000 increase that's how it works. >> wasn't that long ago when gas prices were described as the media directly under control of the in the of the united states, when gas prices went up it was because bush was heartless and making money. i never quite understood the formula. even president obama not so long ago during the campaign had this to say about gas prices. imagine $4 gas here is what he said. >> i well off in this country high gas prices are mostly annoyance. to most americans they are a huge problem, bordering on a crisis. >> so now we're approaching a bucks or at 5 bucks in some places. i can't remember the last time
5:11 am
i heard anybody lay that at the feet of the president. >> there is not a breathless report night after night after night on the major networks about how the energy prices are really ruining life for many americans. i don't understand the duplicity. that's the problem i think a lot us are having been what's been satisfied and reported by the mainstream press. hold the president accountable. if you held bush accountable. hold obama accountable. if the press is going to elevate a topic elevate it no matter who is president. that's not happening. >> who is to blame for this. reports on gas refineries gone into routine. people aren't driving as much. this is when they should down a little bit so we have a look of output. but we also don't have things like the keystone pipeline. we don't have other forms of keeping up this level. we don't have to have these high prices every year.
5:12 am
>> we don't. we have a lot of oil. we have a lot of natural gas. the shale, the eagle rock. what is that called formation in texas. we have got a lot of oil and gas in this country. the e.p.a. is going to have to relax some of the issues to get it out of the ground. in addition to that it's not just keystone. but i think it's also making sure that investors know that they are not going to be investing in something that the government is is going to ultimately shut down. there is another factor that doesn't get a lot of attention. the formulations. we have to have dozens of formulations some from california, some for winter, some for summer. gas -- having to make a different formula for each state locality and season. is very expensive and we the consumers pay for that. >> we haven't built a new three years. is your boss dumping your
5:13 am
wife? the latest unintended consequences of obama care that has married couples central bling for health insurance. >> drug test first if you want a driver's license. is it good idea or invasion of privacy? you can weigh in on facebook page. let u.s. know what you think. more coming up.
5:14 am
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>> quarter past the hour now. how are you feeling? we hope you are doing well. is your boss dumping your wife? don't worry it's not what you think. but more and more companies are dropping spouses from health insurance plans. denying coverage to offset the
5:17 am
rising cost of obama care. last year 6% of large employers excluded spouses. that's higher than years before. >> back with us now to continue this discussion. former governor mike huckabee. governor, this is basically an assault on math by the government telling companies you must do this, that, and the other thing. the truth is in order to exist they have to make a profit. >> sure. >> isn't it inevitable that if forced to carry some people they will drop others? >> they have to. it's a matter of shear economics. let's look at an example. because obama care mandates a full array of coverage that an employee or dependent may not want need or can afford it's easier to not have health insurance through the company than it is tone sure a 70-year-old woman for maternity benefits. that's a generous thing to do. i'm not sure that many 70-year-old woman needs maternity benefits. >> that would be a miracle. >> i will buy the lean coverage that doesn't cover that. >> because that would make sense, tucker. this is government. government has prescribed a
5:18 am
one size fits all benefit type package that includes mental health that's fine, pediatric dental and vision that's fine. what if a couple like my wife and i don't have any kids at home. our were kids are in their 30's. we don't need coverage for vision and dental for our kids because we don't have them at home. why are we paying for that? matter of the big idea. everybody pays in and everybody gets it you can't do that affordably. the cost is blowing right out the roof. >> this is where we expect to see some these problems emerge. especially if you look at this new poll out this morning with this question. do you expect healthcare costs to be better in the next 12 months, worse or will about the same in the last is it months. 22% say better. 55% say it will get worse. and so, governor, i thought that most of these things we kept hearing about owe boom that care wouldn't take place until 2014. why are companies already kicking spouses off of the
5:19 am
roll? >> they are having to because just the cost of health insurance is going up. in california an average of 30% increase in healthcare costs. it's a combination of increasing the benefits. forcing people who put people on their policies with regard noe regard to preexisting condition. think about that it's the equivalent of saying i would like to buy insurance for my car. tell me about your car. i totaled it yesterday. i would like to buy the insurance today so you can replace the car or saying. >> no way. >> or like to buy a house or some fire foosh for my house they say well how many bedrooms. well before it burned down last week it had four. look. if you go to the insurance company and you say i would like to buy insurance. tell me about yourself. well, i have term naval cancer and they give me 8 months to live and my treatments are $120,000 a month. i would like to buy insurance. you can't bill $100 a month and stay in business. north about being cruel. realities or just using
5:20 am
actualial science to make insurance work. >> when we take about dumping spouses. what about grown kids up to age 2 of of 6. how is that, woulding out. >> good idea to say if children are still in college or going through education they can remain on their parent's policy if the cost that you are charging for that is realistically covering what the risks are. frankly, in that age group, it's not going to cost that much. but the problem is when you start forcing everybody to pay this wide array of coverage for things that a lot of people don't want, don't need, can't afford, there is no way the cost doesn't go up. 22% number, i'm wondering what drugs are they on? you have got to be on serious class a narcotics to think that you can expand 30 million people into a system and cost less money. >> same people that give 15% approval rating to congress. i want to meet these people.
5:21 am
>> family of the congress. governor huckabee see more of their analysis right here on saturday night. governor huckabee is there. you will tune in to watch his show. i demand it. >> thanks, governor. >> is your home life hectic? is it's time to run your family as a group of green berets. >> can the oscars set him free? how hollywood is working to free the dork tore who helped us track down usama bin laden from prison. we'll be back. hi. hi.
5:22 am
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5:24 am
>> i hope you are enjoying your coffee or breakfast this saturday morning. 22 minutes after the hour. some headlines. four somali men living in california have been found guilty of supporting terrorism
5:25 am
in their native country. the men, one of them a popular imam at san diego mosque were convicted of wiring $10,000 to an islamic terrorist group and making plans for jihad. red light cameras could soon be a thing of the past. a florida house committee has passed a bill pushing to ban them. several other local and state governments across the country are considering it as well. critics say they don't decrease accidents and are just a way of general rating money. tucker and clayton? >> thanks so much, hab that. next guest secrets of happy families. draw upon the insights business leaders, military leaders and sports fans. joining us now to reveal what he learned best selling author of the secrets of happy families bruce fouler. this is so interesting i can barely stand it i mean it your core idea is that we need to take from business military and sports strategies for making more cohesive families. let's start with business. what can we learn about business from how to run a
5:26 am
family. >> frustrated as a parent and we are in this straight jacket. the only thing we can do with our families come from family experts. while in all these other areas there are all these new ideas for making groups work and i went out and found them. you mentioned business right off the top. you have to be adaptable. right? kids are constantly changing the family house is chaotic. we have what a lot of families are doing a weekly meeting. where we ask three questions. what's working this week? what's not working? and what can we agree to focus on in the weeks ahead. >> fighting dissent at that point? do you have teenagers. >> it's the opposite actually. here is the key. let our kids pick their own rewards and punishment in consultation with us. research shows if kids set their own schedules and evaluate themselves. give them tools to be independent later on. >> doesn't come to a head and blow up into big fight or argument. you are pretempt elementing it with these meetings. >> giving them practice. you are 16, go make decision without practice. you want to make the mistakes when you are young so when you
5:27 am
are older you have gotten into the routine. >> we talk about the business life talk about some the military aspects of this. talking about the green beret example. take us through what that means. >> who is better from taking people at different worlds and bringing them together than the military? i went to these guys and said look we have weekend get togethers with my family or family reunions in the summer. everybody separates and weaver not getting the bonding. they coached me through this process which i have in the book about dividing into -- nothing makes anus better than them. you divide into teams. grandparents, ants aunts, uncles. >> attack the other members. >> family members. grandpa starts telling stories about the old times. people of different generations are working together. you build these bonds so that when they go off into their lives they have the confidence. >> you say i that kids who know a lot about their own family's history are more self-confident which i thought was an interesting. >> this is the single most interesting thing in the secrets to happy families. do you know test?
5:28 am
do you know where your grandparents were born? where your parents went to high school? aunt or uncle had an illness they overcame. kids who scored highest who knew most about their family history. had a greater confidence. number one predicter of emotional well being. because the researchers told me they have a sense they are a part of a long narrative. tell the story of the family's positive moments but especially the negative moments and how people overcame it. that gives kids confidence when they hit their own rough patches. grand patience can do it. do it this weekend. aunts and uncles tell your family history. >> also from sports. talk about business and military. you say shut up and cheer. >> from sports. >> the chapter here is shut up and cheer. parents are intruding. 15% of sporting games end up conflicts. i talk to the guys who know sports best. your job is to be supportive. no verbs. right? you can say good shot. you can't say shoot, pass the ball and no pga no post game
5:29 am
analysis. you are not a sports jock stop dissecting your kid on the way home. be supportive. that's what you want. basically here is the big lesson. families should spend less time worrying about what they do wrong. more time focusing on what they do right. all families have conflict. if you make positive moments. if you make time to play. have these bonding things. those positive memories will outweigh the negative ones. you have have a happier family. >> what's what an interesting book. secrets of happy families. you are looking at it right there. that's really worth reading. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> have a great morning. coming up on the show. want a driver's license? you have got to take a drug test first. that's the proposal forever teens in one state. is this a great deterrent or invasion of privacy? we will debate it. will a woman win the daytona 500 this year. track conditions in her favor? rick reichmuth on the scene in daytona with the preview. rick? >> man, that is the big question that everybody is talking about this year. first time you have had a
5:30 am
woman running pole position at the day to be that 500. big story here. good news for viewers who are certainly going to be tuning in. this is what have you quote to do. she has got to go around this track 200 times. 500 miles. stuck in this thing. pretty interesting. new car this year we are going to be talking about. the guy who helped designed this coming up after the break. stay with us. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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5:34 am
>> come on, danielle. >> drop him. >> drop him. keep him in. >> taking on the guys in a wrestling match. she didn't have any -- you know, head start or anything else and she wins. girls power y morning. i like it. >> how does the boy she beats feel? >> you want to get him a tissue? >> yeah, i do actually. >> his life will never be the same. >> 8:32 is the time this saturday morning. get you caught up on your headlines there is a massive leak this morning at the nation's most contaminated nuclear site. six tanks that hold a bureau of radioactive and toxic waste are leaking at washington's
5:35 am
hand forth nuclear reservation. the government says there is no immediate health risk right now one lawmaker is calling for investigation into the site's tank monitoring and maintenance programmed a microsoft to the list of big companies hacked. small number of computers were breached. company says no evidence of any customer information has been taken. it's believed the same group that got apple and facebook may be behind this attack as well. if you want a driver's license you have to take a drug test? that's the plan of a new west virginia proposal. lawmakers want potential drivers to pass separate drug tests before getting their learner's permit. intermediate and full license. supporters say it will keep people away from drugs. critics claim it labels people until proven innocent. this was basically the state we would like to see you are not before we give you a driver's license. >> a driver's license is a privilege.
5:36 am
anyone using illegal drugs. >> lawmakers also pushing a bill requiring drug tests for people applying for welfare as well. >> memorable academy award moments down to a science. georgia tech 60 years of oscar acceptance. pattern. green netanyahu paltrow thank yous. leading actresses are twice as likely to cry during their winning speeches than leading actors. and voicing the statue into the air like jeff bridges did in 2010 is a guy thing. 31% of actors will do it as opposed to 14% of actresses. and when you are thinking when it comes to thanking parents more stars tend to thank moms than dads. sorry, daddy. >> i can see that do you buy that argument that more of the female ache actresses cry?
5:37 am
>> yeah. >> i wonder if they are acting. is she such a good actress or really tearing up or sally field? >> they poor their heart noah was totally real. >> >> you really love me. stock car racing. at the track. hey, rick. hey, guys. very exciting. first year there is another new car. got personnerton. bp of competition. sounds good. i'm going to try to get into this car. i have done this before. i'm a bit claustrophobic little bit freaky to be inside these things. a lot of people think is nascar a sport? and let me tell you. there is a lot of reason that i can tell you why this is. for one, you have got guys who are driving around this thing
5:38 am
now, michael waltrip is a big guy and he can get in here all right. there we go. now i'm going this is a new car this year. robin. tell me what's new looks like we have got a new driver anyway. lakely concentrated on the look of this car. we have the same safety aspects that we have had in the past. added some things to help in certain situations. it's all about our product relevance. trying to get in and look at the car back. it's a project that we have been at working at for well over about three years now. >> okay. now, i have got to tell it you. ifif you you watch a nascar race. people form these alliances push all these things. you have got a lot of teammate work, help. then you have also have
5:39 am
manufacturers helping danica patrick racing a poll position. starting off in first place. for a woman to win the daytona 500. it would be the hugest thing for the sport? >> it would be. i think it would be big for her. >> she has a good team behind her. that stable at three. three out of the top five cars and qualifying. they have actually looks like they have done their homework and, you know, with chevrolet being able to be part of that larger group so she has got some things that are going in her favor. good teammates. you know, the chevrolet folks and she is probably developed some good relationships over the last couple of years. >> let me ask you this. generally teammates helping you. i'm going to try to win obviously. but i might not try to hurt danica's chances because her doing well in this race brings a lot of money to the race. >> there is a lot of different
5:40 am
personalities out there. i think you hit on most of this. there are some that will look that it's good for her. there will be some that will be saying that it's good for the sport. and then there is others that they don't put a name on the top of door and they are going to try to win and that's a big deal. >> truth is for danica to win. she has 500 miles of road ahead of her. thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> send it back to you in new york. >> that was a very graceful entrance to the car, rick. >> you are going to be sore tomorrow. >> it was so graceful i think the window stripped his microphone off his attempt to get in there. >> negligent on the rundown the u.s. abandoned him. can the oscar set him free? latest on the doctor who helped us track down usama bin laden and how hollywood may be helping to get him out of a pakistani president. >> if you need tore reason red
5:41 am
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>> welcome back, here are the top stories on our web sight for your health this hour. the f.d.a. approving a break through drug for parents with advanced stage breast cancer. the drug called cadsilla a toxin mixed with medicine to attack and kill malignant cells. researchers say it improved survival rates by six months and had fewer side effects. and a new reason to have a glass of red wine. experts say it prevents hearing loss. a new study found rats given a chemical in red wine didn't suffer hearing loss when exposed to loud noises. for more information, visit >> thank you, clayton. it's a call for hollywood to
5:45 am
help. the pakistani doctor who helped the cia track down usama bin laden remains in prison in pakistan. our next guests say it's time for oscar nominees to come to his rescue. >> hand on your pocket. do it. >> robert and kira lawrence are asking the stars of zero dark 30 and other films put spot line at the oscars and help set him free. robin thanks a lot. thanks for joining us. you paid for an ad in the hollywood reporter that made the point that this doctor, dr. freedy, who is being held in and apparently tortured by the pakistanis is one of the main reasons we were able to kill usama bin laden. you put it this way. who will stand up to america menk next time if this is how we treat our friends?
5:46 am
dr. afreedy? >> that's clearly the objective. less than 10 days ago i was in washington, d.c. at a congressional briefing on healthcare which have you been talking about so much this morning. personal medical records. i was invited into a room where they were talking about dr. afreedy. i had no idea who dr. afreedy was. i started asking questions. and i took out my pda and i started googling dr. afreedy. i was shocked to find out how this man who gave his life gave up his relationship with his family h in prison being tortured on a regular basis is simply left behind. and when asked if i had any ideas i said we are a week from the oscars. zero dark 30 is a centerpiece of the oscars. why not mobile mobilize the talent to call action to a campaign which could be the very reason that they're actually there.
5:47 am
bats ever pinpointing usama bin laden. you call him the real star of this film. this is such a great idea. of course we hope that it works. why has it fallen to hollywood to it advocate on behalf of dr. afreedy. where is the president demanding his release from a pakistani jail? >> well, there are things being done. but when hollywood talks, people listen. we're interested in that what jessica is wearing on the red carpet or what kathryn bigelow has to say. i think it brings a whole new audience. who would have heard of darfur it's calling on a larger voice to get the hard hitting news out there to the mainstream. >> also got an audience that may not be as focused on world events and situations like
5:48 am
this which sometime fall under the radar. but, when it comes to the oscars, almost nothing falls under the radar. so, this is such a great idea, you have received any buy-in from actors. are you aware of anybody planning to include comments about dr. afreedy in his or her remarks? >> it is oscar weekend. -- lots of red carpet. lots of nominees and we had some -- we had some really nice people come up saying what is this ribbon that you are wearing like jackie weaver who is a nominee for silver lining's playbook she took a ribbon. we spoke with stacy who is nominated for best picture for django unchained and in our ad she said i loved your ad afridi unchained and we love what you are doing. >> the idea was to actually bring all the no, ma'am he knees together by taking all the pictures and all the titles and almost creating a
5:49 am
parody but in a sense it's a parody that's a try to get anybody who gets a moment in the limelight to walk out there. when the camera is is in front of them or microphone in front of them on the red carpet make that plea to get america behind freeing dr. afridi. and when you look at the shear size of the audience. it's just a unique opportunity. and somebody had to do it. this has been 10 days and the web site free is getting thousands of email addresses. people writing, asking what they can do. wanting to support dr. afreedy. all they do is write their congressman. write the state department. get behind the effort and surely pressure of the program of the size and scope and scale of the academy awards can make a difference if we all pull together. >> to make this totally clear you are just doing this because you think it's the right thing. you are not a professional human rights activists you are
5:50 am
in the healthcare business, i think this is something you think ought to happen? >> we have a company by the name of mmr global. we were in washington for a completely different reason. i have spent basically three or four months setting up presentation to congressional oversight committee on some of the very subjects that you talked about on the show this morning. like duplicate testing and the waste of resources and healthcare. what happened was i heard this story. and i called kira and her valentine's card and val's dinner was checking into hotel in nocialg and -- new york and writing this ad slowed and started this campaign. >> i hope it bears truth. thank you i'm sorry we are out of time. i appreciate what you have done and i hope it works. >> tell any of of the artists listening on the red carpet tonight to say free afridi and if they want we will get them a ribbon. >> next on the run down joe biden says give your wife a shotgun. >> if ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out, put that doubled
5:51 am
barreled shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. >> not everyone agrees. you will meet one woman who says that advice is sexist. and it's a sign spring is right around the corner. just days away, thank heaven. bass pro shops is here outside the plaza to kick off the world's greatest fishing show. if that doesn't excite you, check your pulse. hi. hi.
5:52 am
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>> tucker carlson and i'm anna
5:55 am
kooiman, great to be with you. we have our friends from the bass pro shop here. stacy king pro-bass fisherman. great to be with you. >> thank you, anna. nice to meet you. >> quite a collection of rods and reels. >> this is a huge rod and real trade in we have had spring fishing classic. what you can do is bring in an old working rod or real and get up to $100 off on a new rod and real. it's a great program for us to get more rods and reels out there. >> what are you going to do with all of these when people bring them in. >> we recondition these rods and reels and donate them to youth organizations and youth groups across the country. up to this point we have donated 100,000 rods and reels to youth groups across the country. >> i did find a flywheel i may put in my pocket. you are wearing one the coolest products ever. >> this is a little vest. i want to tell you about a grill first. we have special incentives to buy on some product.
5:56 am
this is a jobbie moore signature series real. best one on the market. i lo them. it's a bait casting reel. this one normally sells for 160 bucks. sale price and get 25 off for the reel get the price down to 114.95. it's a great bargain. if you are going to have a reel to fish you need a boat to get in and go fishing. this is a tracker protein 175. this is the number one selling fishing boat in the world right here. we have been selling them for years. they are just a great product. totally rigged out. and the incentive to buy on this boat is a $500 gift card. if you buy this boat during the spring classic you get a $500 gift card. >> what do they normally go for. >> 1499 a. with the engine and everything. fully rigged. >> another thing you want to talk about too. yes you have to have a boat if you are going fishing. very often it's a family member. you start the kids out really young. >> we are trying to enhance the next generation of militia
5:57 am
officialerman and outdoors men coming along. i have grand kids i love to take them fishing. >> i don't think there is anything can you do that brings a father closer to his kids. >> great way to spend your time and take kids is just great. any time you get in that boat you have got to have a life jacket. >> is that automatic. >> automatic or manual. >> coolest things ever. >> i will show you how this works. first off if you fall in the lake it will fall in the lake by itself. a lot will require you have life jackets. can you wear them in the summer. they are not hot and in the winter. >> you can cast. >> cast and fish with it on. >> if you fall in the water and you want to -- if you want to rip it on watch this. immediately pops right up. >> that's fantastic. one of the reason people don't wear life jackets cumbersome. >> this one is not. it is not hot.
5:58 am
>> one of the legends of bass fishing. thank you. >> thank you. >> bring it inside to our clayton morris. >> i need to get one of those for my son. he hates wearing a life jacket. he feels like a turtle. >> coming up next hour on "fox & friends." he has been in office for about a month. why is from herman senator ted cruise creating so much controversy. mccarthyism for his comments. legal battle with a fan, his believe and lawsuit top of the hour. hey.
5:59 am
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6:02 am
so nice to see you here at "fox & friends." i'm anna kooiman, it's sunday, february 23rd, i'm in for ali. the white house is in blame game mode over budget cuts to step in next week. >> once these cuts take effect, thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off and tens of thousands of parents will scramble to find child care for their kids. >> anna: wasn't the sequester the president's idea in the first place? >> and joe biden says give your wife a shotgun. >> if there's ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, put that double barrelled shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. >> tucker: why one woman says that advice is sexist. >> clayton: plus, patriotism blocked. this man trying to build a memorial for our veterans, but the city told him to lose the words "the united states" off
6:03 am
of the memorial. he's here to tell us about his fight. unbelievable. "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. ♪ >> your he' looking at pictures of daytona, the speedway there. of course is imminent. our own rick reichmuth somehow convinced his bosses to send him there. >> anna: i'm jealous. >> rick: toss him out of the building and he's getting tan down there. at the track and getting the behind the scenes look at that. and we won't try to make him squeeze into a car. he tried to do it dukes of hazzard style. >> tucker: we will replay that video again and again.
6:04 am
>> anna: and don't want his back and hips to hurt whiles' trying to point at the weather map. we'll get you up to speed on your headlines overnight. the father of reeva steenkamp talking about the first time about his daughter's death. oscar pistorius will have to suffer with his conscience and live alone if he lied about shooting her. but the trial could be on hold for a year because of a backlog of cases. the hearing is set for june the 4th. believe it or not, there are still people who aren't allowed or haven't been allowed back into their homes, the new jersey community finally to return yesterday. and this a before and after look at the town one of the worst hit by the storm. it's bittersweet and some people are picking up the pieces and others are finding their homes are out of repair.
6:05 am
>> it doesn't look like it, besides the houses missing, the trees are gone, five or six people moved back into their home, and good news is some people will have lights on, but the bad news some don't have house toss move in. >> anna: and johnny manziel going to court over his nickname. the star quarterback's company j-man 2, and johnnie football, and i saying his name right. >> clayton: manziel. >> anna: give a girl a story to read. and the shirts infringe on his copy right. >> clayton: i thought you were a football fan. >> anna: and getting ready for a third weekend of snow, the winter storm blamed for four deaths in the midwest. and missouri, one of the hardest hit areas, the heavy
6:06 am
snow causing the roof of this dance studio to collapse. no one was inside at the time. and in cleveland, a commuter jet slid off the icy runway after landing. luckily everyone got out safely. and rick reichmuth, 82 degree temperature and a t-shirt. rick, from snow to this, how does it look down there in daytona? >> it looks really good right now. and we might have some rain tomorrow and unfortunately, last year's race was rained out on a sunday and finish on monday and not a bad thing to get prime time monday when you have danica patrick racing the pole position. and you talk about areas of the plains and rain across areas of the southeast, it's been a lot of rain and a lot of georgia has been in drought. so he they need it, but they've gotten too much. the drought is probably mostly wiped out after the last couple of days. so that will be the bright side. but this storm is going to kind of redevelop off shore,
6:07 am
become a bit of a coastal storm, but it's too far off the shore to cause any real significant problems, it's a rain day and a rainy night across the northeast and snow tomorrow around the airbus and getting about three inches of snow and nothing that's going to cause big problems and mostly rain across connecticut and while the snow pack is there, some of the rain could cause extreme localized flooding, also. a look at your forecast tomorrow, the daytona 500, there will have storms in the area and that's not good news, but they have dryers, but an issue last year, with one of the dryers that exploded on the track and they have new dryers and new ways, obviously, to kind of protect something like that happening again. temps today across the rest of the country looking like this. not that bad anywhere and certainly not that cold. look at florida, it's been warm and tampa, 80 degrees, guys, i'm not complaining. >> yeah, you better not. thanks, rick, we'll check back
6:08 am
later with you, thank you so much. let's talk now about the sequester, or as some are calling it this morning, the square sequester. if you listen to the president, published a short time ago, it sounds like armageddon is about to hit us. listen. >> once these cuts take effect. thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off and tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids. air traffic contollers and airport security will see cutbacks causing delays across the country. >> see, if you listen to the president, there, my gosh, there must be republicans behind this idea to begin with, right? and to report out, by bob woodward shows the opposite. >> the white house in a bit of a pickle, i would say, you remember back to the presidential debate on october 22nd when the president looked right into the camera and i'm quoting now. the sequester is not something that i propose, something that congress proposed. now comes bob woodward, hardly an activist to put it mildly,
6:09 am
saying the president is wrong. according to his book, the white house came up with the automatic spending cuts. jack lew came up with it and the president personally signed off on it. >> and is the president trying to rally everyone to make this work or just pointing the finger at the republicans and trying to push the blame on to them? a lot of political pundits are stepping up and a lot of politicians saying, you know what? this is phony in the first place, and you're making this a whole lot worse than it really is. let's listen to rand paul and talk about scare tactics. >> i would say balderdash. it's untrue, unfair, dishonest, disingenuous. the president is making stuff up. he puts law enforcement-- he puts firemen and policemen, 98% of paid for with your local taxes, says you're going to lose your local policemen because of this. it's not true.
6:10 am
the sequester is the slow down in the rate of growth of government. it's the least we can do. our country is drowning in a sea of debt, borrowing $50,000 a second. we have to slow down spending, and for the president to use this histrionics, is really, i think, beneath the office of the presidency. >> compare this to how a family gets its budget. a lot of families cut back in the last five years since the recession and a lot cut 2%, if you cut 2% from your family budget would you deny your kids antibiotics. >> no. >> or stop going to starbucks and you won't cut the essential function of your family and the government by contrast, 2% for ten years, we have no more air traffic contollers -- that's ludicrous. >> clayton: 174 republicans voted for it, the white house signed it they voted on it
6:11 am
because it was such a bad plan. >> tucker: it could be fixed. the president-- >> they're all on vacation. >> tucker: the president could demand authority to target these cuts. everybody, even the white house would concede 2.4% worth of cuts to make to the federal government. and the president could say let's make intelligent cuts. >> anna: but the president doesn't seem to think that we have a spending problem. what do you at home think? 83% of americans registered voters anyway think the government currently does indeed have a spending problem and 14%. >> clayton: some analysis i was reading this morning. when you ask americans generally of course we all think we overspend. when you get into the specific programs, tucker's point, it becomes painful because americans don't like certain programs being cut of course. >> anna: what's helping you. >> tucker: these cuts are designed to give people the impression that every federal employee is integral to the running of the country. you could easily find this much to cut from the budget. again, but you wouldn't cut
6:12 am
things like meat inspectors, you wouldn't cut tsa agents or first responders, they're doing this to convince us, this is what the government does. >> and they're not cuts, right? these are reductions in raises for next year, let us know what you think about this. and you can weigh in on that and this story, which is vice-president biden. i don't know if you heard his advice. a few short days ago about protecting yourself. when you're protecting yourself at home, what should you do, how should you approach it it. if your wife it home alone, how should she protect herself and her family. >> as i told my wife, we live in an area that's wooded and somewhat secluded, said, jill, if there's ever a problem just walk out on the balcony here, walk out, put that double barrelled shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. i promise you, whoever is coming in is not going to -- you don't need an ar-15, it's
6:13 am
harder to aim, it's harder to use and in fact, you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. buy a shotgun. >> anna: some women feel it's a sexist comment made by the vice-president. let's take a listen to kate earnest. >> the advice is probably some of the poorest advice he could give anyone, let alone a loved one, his wife. for anybody who knows anything about guns they would know that a double barrel shotgun only holds two rounds and once she goes out in plain sight and fires those two rounds, she's a sitting duck, she has no more ammunition and in a high pressure situation is she going to sit there and fumble with shells to reload it? i highly doubt it. you know, i think it was poor advice and it comes off a little sexist, like, let me tell you what you need, versus you know, arm yourself or protect yourself in a way that you feel necessary. >> tucker: it's a little much,
6:14 am
someone with body guards telling us how to protect ourselves, virtually every high level in washington has body guards and fire into the air when they feel threatened. why is it okay for federal employees to be protected by high capacity magazines and ar-15's and it's not okay for us to protect our families that way. >> clayton: and how disappointed they were. and kate earnest who asked the question during the forum and his response. that was his response and she was not happy, telling megyn kelly. >> anna: and next on the rundown on "fox & friends," he was wasted no time making a first impression and texas senator ted cruz, mccarthyism, is there a double standard? >> the dramatic rescue after dog stranded on patches of ice in lake michigan. show you the happy ending coming up.
6:15 am
♪ [ woman ] we had two tiny reasons
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>> republican senator ted cruz, the senator from texas has made his presence known in washington. and come under scrutiny from the mainstream press and liberals. one read that the g.o.p. nasty newcomer and referred to him as quote, an ornery, swaggering piece of work. as if that's not clear enough. so, what's behind this criticism? is there a double standard coming on? jason is an editorial board member and thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> tucker: i know ted cruz, restrained guy, and ornery,
6:19 am
swaggering piece of work, where does this come from? >> he was a tea party and texas knew what they were sending to washington and he's voted as he campaigned, imagine that. he stayed true to himself and i think there is h a double standard. and the problem is not the junior status. what the articles, he should keep his head down and work to build bridges with colleagues and he's got sharp elbows is the narrative putting forth. i think it's the conservative views not the short time in office. >> tucker: sure, plenty of debates on capitol hill over key subsidies are that totally ignored by the press and nasty debates and yet this guy shows up and gets intense scrutiny. >> last week another freshman senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts spent a lot of time berating her colleagues who wanted to bring more transparency and accountability to the consumer
6:20 am
financial protection bureau. where are the articles about her sharp elbows and indifference of building bridges with colleagues. i think it's more to do with the views than the shorten yur in office. texas knew what they were getting, they elected a senator, not a lemming. and yes, he's opposed chuck hagel and so why dozens of other senators. >> and opposed lifting the debt ceiling and so have dozens of others and he voted against john kerry and staying true to-- >> not only did texas elect him, they chose him over the texas governor, who was the favorite and cruz comes from behind to win and here is what senator cruz has to say. washington has a long tradition to hurl insults, and those in washington are puzzled when someone does what he says he would do. >> exactly. and he's become the conservative liberals love it to hate. he's the new guy and i credit him for getting under the skin
6:21 am
of liberal media this quickly. >> and at some point, nobody cares what the new york times is saying. that day is going to come. >> sooner the better. >> amen. well, 68 years ago today. the american flag was raised on iwo jima. >> my wife and son i haven't seen for a year and a half. but for the year and a half those fellas up on iwo jima were my family. >> tucker: he joins us next to share his personal journey with some of our nation's greatest heroes. a story you won't hear at the oscars, the hollywood tax handout. what do we have to show for it? nothing. ♪ 'cause i'm the tax man, yeah, i'm the tax man ♪ hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data...
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>> 23 minutes after the hour now. it was some of the most intense fighting during world war ii, the battle for iwo jima. >> joining us now someone who has a personal connection to the historic battle. peterson, jr. >> good morning, last december shortly after the death of my father, wounded in iwo jima. they asked us to attend the reunion weekend. their tribute to the greatest generation would turn out to be one of the most emotional and significant weekends of my life. >> 68 years ago this week, five marines and one navy corpsman planted the flag, the bloodiest battle in marine corps history.
6:26 am
75,000 americans including my father fought to wrest control of the island that was the key to invading japan. in washington d.c., two dozen survivors reunited and recalled the sacrifice. here i came with my own family to understand the unflagging bonds of courage and duty that bound my late father and his aging band of brothers. >> and the nurse cleaned me up and made it very clear to me, yeah, i have a lot, but i wasn't seriously hurt. no reason i couldn't fight along with my brothers and asked the colonel there if i could go back. he says the policy is we're the not sending anybody back and i said colonel, let me it will you something, my wife and son i haven't seen for a year and a half, but for a year and a half those fellas up there on iwo jima were my family. >> we go out and draw fire from japanese, usually underground. we would try to take that position and the next day we did the same thing all over
6:27 am
again. that went on for 28 days. i was wounded three times, but and didn't want to be evacuated. >> the leatherneck understands the duty and loss. >> the war is a terrible thing and we lost a lot of people, a lot of friends. and it's something that you never forget. it's in your mind all the time. >> and off the bloody waters of the volcanic island, a family reunion amid so much loss. >> i happened to be on beach of iwo jima looking out over the ocean one morning and i saw this destroyer coming slowly up along the island, and i said, gee, that's the kind of boats my brother's on and i wonder where he is. that's when the pa system announced, come to the gangway, you have a visitor. and then when i got to the gangway, there's my brother
6:28 am
standing there waiting to talk to me. >> and the marine's daughter who wanted to know. >> i lost him so young. what would he have been like as a young man in war. and who may have been the corpsman that treated his wounds or the chaplain that helped him through troubled time. there was a thirst to know about it and he made me very proud as i learned more about iwo jima and the battle and must have been some great marine. >> is your rivers were greeted by an unexpected and unlikely reporter, the japanese ambassador. >> and very, you know, in the challenges before. >> in the battle for iwo jima, nearly they gave their lives proving that common valor is a common virtue to celebrate the sacrifice and service of their fallen brothers, in shaking
6:29 am
the strong hands of the man who may have carried my wounded father, i held their grip longer than i ordinarily would. r each of us innderstood our own way are the guardians that we shed blood for. the values and men of iwo jima are honor bound to protect and keep this flag that now flies every minute of every day, at the marine corps war memorial. >> it flies today on the 60th anniversary of the flag at iwo jima. and friends, i met people who are living their legacy. the latest, greatest generation, marines and soldiers and airmen and sailors and corpsman who live their legs s legacy, generationr
6:30 am
generation, and hold the hands of the men who did that. we could sit on this couch today, an absolutely honor. >> did your father talk to them. >> he did from time to time and listen, forget about me, that's all bs. let's not talk about me. he would often talk about holding men who were dying. he would often talk about some of the marines who would cry when they saw their brothers fall, but picked themselves up and get themselves back into battle and he was di paris island and an instructor and i met men wounded three and four times at iwo jima and new marines who moved in and reenlisted in the marine corps. so the service, honor and duty hifs on and lives on. and we talk about them in the 90-year-old men and the-- >> and even in a small amount
6:31 am
of their mentality rub off on us, and theirs brothers. >> it was a transformational weekend for the johnson family and important for my mother to meet these men and my brother in the marine corps and a hero in his own right and wife and kids and we spoke more than we gave. and i was happy to share with everybody here in the "fox & friends" family. and i can't-- i'm happy to share with you this morning because you guys get it, you understand it. >> thank you, peter. >> thanks so much, peter, coming up on the show, we have patriotism being blocked. the tale of two stories, right? a man trying to build a memorial for our veterans, but the city told him to lose the words "the united states" off of the memorial. you've got to hear this coming up. >> start your engines, we head back to daytona, rick is getting ready to interview one of the drivers racing tomorrow.
6:32 am
rick? >> yeah, austin dylan is a grandson of richard childers now raising himself and the young guy, and we'll be talking with him. we're getting read for the race today on pit road. stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> welcome back to foxx foshgs "fox & friends," tomorrow night is the big night the academy awards and oscar celebration. did you know, i learned that many of the academy award winning films were shot in different states around the country. but when they go to the different states, they receive tax breaks, incentives, all kinds of government heaped upon favors in the different states to come to your state and actually shoot the film there. for instance, lincoln shot in virginia, received millions of dollars. >> i'm sure those states got a lot of jobs out of it, wouldn't you think? if you're going to spend 1 1/2 billion dollars in public funds, probably getting a lot of jobs in return, right? >> you'd think. the problem is a million and a half dollars went out to the film industry in 2010 for the film incentives and wavers and
6:37 am
things like that. as for jobs they aren't creating as many as you think, and it's a bit ironic when a lot of the hollywood stars are speaking out saying i needed the money when i was flipping burgers and this is eva longoria and this is eva longoria starring in movies and tv shows doesn't need a tax break and ultimately getting one and apparently doesn't seem to be creating jobs. >> clayton: argument had been to create these tax incentives, you're going to create 3,000 jobs, that sound great, right? 3,000 jobs and they end up creating 10 to 15 jobs because what happens is, and as anyone who's ever watched a film come to shoot. batman, dark knight rises comes into pittsburgh. and they came into the city city, filmed for three months and they don't stick around. >> a lot of the problems, they were going to canada because they had a lot of tax breaks
6:38 am
and so, a lot of states started offering the tax breaks and if they aren't offering up the good jobs for the show-- >> here is what it is. >> and 1.5 billion dollars, as you mentioned the number. >> right. >> clayton: would have paid for the salaries of 23,000 middle school teachers. >> wow. >> 26,000 firefighters, 22,000 police and patrol officers. >> why is government favoring the movie business? why isn't government subsidizing say "fox & friends" the daily caller which i run. i'm serious, or pizza hut. i mean, why is government deciding this is the favored business which is not. >> because they like to rub their elbows with celebrities, love it rub their elbows with celebrities and stand next to eva longoria, who wouldn't. >> anna: and george clooney as well. and time for your headlines, senator john mccain continuing the push for immigration reform and meet with president
6:39 am
obama. one mccain saying there are still a number of agreements that need to be made, but he's cautiously optimistic a can be reached by the end of the month. san bernardino, california hired a new city manager to help get out of the red. the problem, he's filed for personal bankruptcy twice and alan parker reportedly owes to creditors in 2011 and filed in 1991, the details and facts aren't known. the city says it knew about the bankruptcy filing and the city manager for 30 years and had a record of getting cities out of debt. you've got your put yours on this, the dog trapped in the ice in lake michigan, and rescued by a kayaker, and he was spotted piece to piece. and after falling in the icy water, several times and the dog tries to swim for it. eventually a local kayaker paddled out to help. >> i kept encouraging, here
6:40 am
boy, here boy, i got close and he want to bite me. and stayed on him and at that point i could get into the water and hustled him along. >> once on land he took off running and. >> it looks like one of the super mario brothers, hop from ice churning to ice churning. >> that's in lake michigan? >> yes. >> clayton: right now, ladies and gentlemen, time to start your engines and tomorrow, rick reichmuth is getting a behind the scenes look, a driver down there. who will it be, rick? who do you have? >> it's austin dylan, grandson of richard childress and in the nationwide series tomorrow first time in the 500, how are you feeling? >> anytime you come to daytona, it's a prestigious track and to be out here and having a good time. today we're in the nationwide race, and just want to get on the track, it's been a good weekend. >> not bad for a 22-year-old,
6:41 am
got to say and your grandfather is richard childress. >> yeah, it is, having a grandfather that's been around the sport and knows what he's doing to be able to back you up and having the confidence behind me and he was excited thursday. >> it's been 12 years since dale earnhardt died on the final lap here at the daytona 500 and since then the number three car hasn't raced here. you're taking the number three car back. tell me, it's been a little controversial, tell me how that's been for you and why the decision to do it? >> well, it's been, you know, fans have warmed up to it. like seeing it out front and running good and in the nationwide series and got a championship. and it's been fun bringing it back and i think it's great. everybody knows who's, who would make the number famous and now we're having a little bit of fun with it and bringing it back and that's the biggest thing, out front. >> do you feel some pressure, let's be honest.
6:42 am
not a bigger name than dale earnhardt. what's it do putting on your shoulders. >> i like putting pressure on it. and it doesn't matter if i walk in the garage and in a 33 or a different number. i'm giving 110%. what are your chances are winning of race. >> today in the nationwide race, it's fast and we start fifth and we'll see different drafting between the tandem and it's going to be a good race. i think we've got as good a shot as anybody in daytona. for the cup race, ran thursday on the duals and go out there and give it what we can and i think we will have a shot. if you start the daytona 500, you'll have good shot. >> congratulations, we'll send it back to you guys in new york. >> good luck to him. coming up on the show, patriotism being blocked? this man trying to build a memorial for our veterans, but the city told him to lose the word. united states off the memorial. >> first, let's check in with neil cavuto, a look what's coming up on the cost of freedom business block, neil?
6:43 am
>> hey, guys, good morning. democrats are predicting armageddon this time next week over 85 million in spending cuts. should they be hitting the panic button? >> and you know it's a problem when you make the pope angry, you won't like him he when he's angry and right now the health care law has him angry. and could be sizzling your wallet for a long, long time. the cost of freedom starts cooking up the top of the hour. your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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6:46 am
>> at it again. easy for me to say. a private citizen trying to build a privately funded, remember, privately funded memorial to honor our nation's military veterans, but there's a problem.
6:47 am
our next guest has run into a blockade of political correctness, anti-americanism and has actually been told the memorial he wants to build in california cannot include the word the united states. or any military emblems at all. here to explain his story is marine corps veteran, nice to see you to the show. >> good morning, thank you for having me on. put this in context for you, you were trying to build this memorial on a public piece of landte money, small tranquil town, very peaceful area and what happened? >> well, started out about three years ago. and i designed the project, started off by deciding what kind of flagpole we're going to put up. as we moved through the process we introduced it as a gateway monument project to the california department of transportation and the first thing that happened thereafter, we introduced it, they denied it because they said the american flag was in the center of it and the
6:48 am
american flag constituted a form of political speech. after we got that back, i really was very ticked off about that so then the next step was i knew there was a california state law that allowed the american flag and the california state flag, in the state right of way and in the exact area we were going to build our memorial. so, i think-- >> i live in california, i've seen round abouts, you drive your car around a flagpole, what speech is infringed upon there. >> they claimed after 9/11 there was a lawsuit, ended up in the 9th circuit court of appeals. there were a couple of ladies up in santa cruz that put up peace signs and american flags on the overpasses and the local policemen left up the american flag and ended up in the nice circuit court, cal trans loss, but in that instance, cal-trans changed
6:49 am
the policy based on that, in that instance somebody was using the american flag as their form of speech, hanging it over the overpass and i tried to convince cal-trans that what we were trying to do was perfectly legal in that the u.s. code for flying a flag. the flag would be properly displayed and it was the right thing to do. >> clayton: steve the flag is one thing, now the other thing is that they've come back to you and said you can't have the words "the united states" on there? what are you supposed to put on there. >> correct. so i got the flag up. so the flagpole is up there now and the flag is flying and i went back to the director of cal-trans up in sacramento and i said, okay, since you allowed down in san diego, a place called chicano park in the state parkway, fidel castro i'm going to rename my memorial to the protectors of
6:50 am
freedom. and reintroduce it as transportation art. and the director got back to me i encourage you to do that. i did that. >> clayton: i was going to say, where are things this morning? we know over a thousand local veterans in agreement if there's no united states written on there we're not putting up the monument. where do things stand this morning. >> so basically that's what happened, i had to get permission for each branch of the military to use their seals. took he me quite a while to do that. i took care of that. sent the letters in over a year ago to cal-trans, and with those letters and said that these seals cannot be changed in any way whatsoever. so then what happened, i'm proceeding through getting people lined up to help me, the community's coming together to build this project. and then before i go before the county board of supervisors, cal-trans comes and says we need to see a picture of the exactly what those seals are going to look like. and so i get a hold of the foundry in pennsylvania.
6:51 am
send them a picture and cal-trans takes that picture and photo shops out the united states army and said this is what you can use. this is crazy it doesn't mean anything anymore. >> clayton: yeah. >> clayton: they'd be happier with a statue of fidel castro up there. we're out of time and we did reach out to them and keep us abreast of the fight for the monument. appreciate you joining us. >> thank you very much. >> clayton: spring around the corner and bass pro is on the plaza, what they have in store. we'll be outside next. ♪ hi. hi.
6:52 am
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>> it's that time of year, everyone, it's time for the big spring fishing classic at the bass pro shop. to get the family together. stacy king is here representing bass pro. you've got great deals. >> we do, barn burner specials and these are a two day sale and you need to get in on the wet side and check out which products are for sale so you get what you want. i'm going to show you a few products and tell you a fish story. >> okay. >> these crank baits are great crank baits and they imitate a bait fish in the water and they're on sale a one day special, that's two bucks
6:56 am
apiece, a great by and we've got a mark five. liquid crystal graph. >> that's a fish finder. >> a fish finder or a structure finder. >> it can find everything. >> and the plus, forgive me, i don't know what-- >> it's a spinning rod and real combination and it'd be great to start off the spring with and it's normally a $80 value. selling it now for 39.97. let me tell you a fish story, tony stewart is an avid outdoorsman and he's proud to sponsor him with the daytona 500 being tomorrow and tony is out there getting ready for it and he and johnnie morris the founder of bass pro shop, went bass fishing up on the st. john river. >> yeah. >> and caught that 11 pound 8 ounce bass yesterday. >> and 7 pound 8 ounce bass, it's a beautiful fish, a fish
6:57 am
of a lifetime here, i've never seen, and did a lot of bass fishing. >> listen, how would you guys like to fish with tony stewart? >> that's the only way i'd want to go fishing. >> bass pro he shop, they're going to have a contest, or having a contest in the spring classic where you can come in, register to win a trip for you and a guest to go fishing for tony stewart. a 5,000 value. all you have to do to win it, come in and register. >> at the spring fishing classic between now and march 10th. >> and before we go, we've got the reel, you can turn it in, right, and get a credit on a new reel. >> absolutely, our rod and reel trade in special, you can get up to $100, but bringing in a working rod or reel, get up to $100 credit on a brand new rod or reel. so it's great. and we recondition all of those rods and reels and give them to kids and youth organizations all over the country. >> good for you.
6:58 am
>> thanks to bass pro shop. you're making the world a better place. >> we've got more "fox & friends" coming up in two minutes. jenna shared her recipe with sharon, who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson.
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